don’t you worry (just trust me) pt. 2

The second installment of don’t you worry (just trust me)! Though this series will not be long, it still won’t be finished until probably part 4 or 5. This means that more is coming, and I hope you guys enjoy until the very end!

Warning: do NOT read this if you haven’t read the first part yet. You will be confused and spoiled.

pt. 1


When Mo Yuan awoke, he was confused. He was certain that he wasn’t at Kunlun Mountain – the familiar spirituality of the land he lived on for years wasn’t there. Instead, when he concentrated, he could feel a deep, earthy, aura surround the cave where he had rested for – for as long as he had been unconscious. Frowning, he slowly raised his weak body up from the bed and glanced around.


He was definitely in a cave – it was mainly dark except for the river of mist that gave off its own light. His eyebrows raised in surprise when he found that the deep and earthy aura was actually the cave’s own copious amounts of spiritual energy. This spiritual energy no doubt hastened his arrival, and meant that whoever brought his body here was an ally; they wished for him to recuperate.

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Prologue: What Has To Be Done

Another what-if fanfic in which Mo Yuan does not in fact have to sacrifice himself for the Bell, but he does have to go into seclusion for many long years in order to recuperate from the battle. It is during these years, without the protection of her Shifu, that Si Yin undergoes hardship and turmoil that will shape her into being the graceful and beautiful Bai Qian she will one day become.



200 Years After the Ghost War


Si Yin sneezed as she absentmindedly swept her Shifu’s room. Cleaned only once a month, dust littered the air. It hadn’t always been like this, she thought – just a few hundred years ago, her Shifu, Mo Yuan, the God of War, had occupied this very room and made sure every hook and cranny had been spotless all by himself. Now, because he had been in seclusion for the last two hundred years to recuperate from the injuries he sustained from the Ghost War, Kunlun Mountain had seemed to lose the part of its spark which once made it the most celebrated Holy Ground in all the realms.


Sighing dejectedly, she placed the broom onto the wall and cloud jumped next to the Lotus Pond where her Golden Lotus resided. Squatting down, she placed her face in her hands and sighed yet again.


“Golden Lotus, Golden Lotus, when do you think Shifu will come out? I know that he should take his time to make sure that both his spirit and body are completely healed, but it’s been two hundred years already. I miss him.”

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don’t you worry (just trust me) pt. 1

A what-if story in which instead of it being Ye Hua who sacrificed his spirit for the Bell, it was Bai Qian.



It had been raining for seven days in Qing Qiu, and all who did not wish to become sick had already found shelter. However, outside of Queen Bai Qian’s Foxcave stood a man clothed entirely in black. If someone were to pay close enough attention, they would be able to hear a faint crash of a ceramic jar, most likely an empty wine bottle, splintering into hundreds of pieces in the Cave, and see the subsequent tightening of fists from the young man. This man, known as Ye Hua, the Crown Prince of Jiu Zhongtian who just returned from the Mortal Realm, was trembling from the cold, flinching with every crash! of ceramic, and pale with sorrow of not knowing if his love – his only love – would ever forgive him and let him love her again.

This was the image of the man that Mi Gu arrived to. Gone was the proud and regal Crown Prince; instead, in its place stood a man filled to the brim with not only so much grief, but also so much determination to stay and not move until Qian Qian came out and talked to him.

He knew that the chances of Qian Qian immediately forgiving him was miniscule; he was the one who took her eyes, the one who betrayed her, the one who was powerless to protect her. The only thing he wanted now, was to see her.

Seeing Mi Gu, Ye Hua’s face suddenly lighted up. He must have thought that Mi Gu would bring good news. Unfortunately, when he saw Mi Gu’s embarrassed and slightly sheepish face, he knew that Qian Qian had not yet ordered Mi Gu to bring him inside.

Scratching his head after greeting Ye Hua, Mi Gu slowly stated, “Gu Gu says that she still doesn’t want to see anyone, and that anyone out in this rain should go back home.”

In reality, Bai Qian had very loudly and harshly told Mi Gu to tell the Crown Prince to scram and never come back, but Mi Gu knew that these words only came from a place of drunkenness and anger, and that if he said these words, she, and he, would regret it for the rest of their lives.

However, Ye Hua, knowing Qian Qian well, knew that these words had been censored.

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